тrauma can be
repressed but it cannot be


Idol in the mirror
"Tнe reғlectιon in мy мirror
Is a man with small courage.."

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   「н」 He’s still doing nothing but drawing.

                                          Some day, 
                                                       If I disappear,
                   Would you call out my name?
                                                         And bring me back to your side?

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   「н」 The idol isn’t exactly in the mood to do anything. so he’ll just draw…


I should be brave
                   with nothing to lose

   That’s how I was
                          until the day I met


Bubblegum Bitch - Marina & The Diamonds


Charlotte the Sweets Witch


Enemy - Simon Curtis

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            I нα∂ тσ ℓσσк συт ƒσя уσυ.

                                                                               It’s  my job


Mmm… It’s not like she could do much about him doing that, especially with having working at different agencies. …I’ll…I’ll keep that in mind then… If he didn’t feel bad, then she would. Recalling the time she had hidden his work during their vacation on the island, she had only felt guilt when it even came to contemplating on getting him away from his things for her.


   「н」 “Alright…” He smiled. At least she was keeping it in mind. “Would you like to sleep now? It’s getting late.” Sleep felt like a nice thing to get now, and he got his cuddles so that was a bonus to falling asleep…